Thomas Hudson Painting

Bio of Thomas Hudson

I graduated from Cooper School of Art, in Cleveland, Ohio, with a certificate in Production Art. My first job in illustration was as a medical illustrator for AcroMed Corporation. After nine years at AcroMed, I made the transition to freelance illustration, after getting commissions from many publishing companies.

My first children’s book was “Garrett Morgan,” published by Modern Curriculum Press. A list of clients also includes, Chelsea House Publishers, Just Us Books, Golden Books Publishing, The Pilgrim Press, Kapp and Associates, David C. Cook Publishing, Laerdal Medical Corporation, American Cancer Society, United Way, Harcourt Brace & Company, The Cleveland Playhouse, University Hospitals, and Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

As an artist, my desire is to achieve a natural realism with my paintings. I have a theme that I call Uniforms at Work. With these paintings, I focus on working people dressed in their uniforms.

The uniform that’s wrinkled and stained, tells a story, and gives a clue to the type of work the person does. I seek out people that others would not notice, or forget. And they are fun to draw and paint.

I love painting in oil and watercolor. The slow drying time of oil paint allows me to be meticulous and patient in painting realistic details with fidelity. Watercolors fast drying time, gives me the convenience of speed, and the challenge of capturing realism, or a looser style.